Frequently asked questions

How to become a member ?

You are a customer ? 

  1. After contractualization with INNOPRAG
  2. An invitation is sent by INNOPRAG to our customers
  3. The customer must register online
  4. The client chooses the communities to which he wishes to contribute

Are you an expert ?

  1. To facilitate access to My Sherpa, we invite you to create your account and describe your background and your expertise, you are part of the platform  My Sherpa in a few clicks
  2. An invitation is sent by INNOPRAG to our Experts
  3. The expert fulfills his online subscription, subscribes to the site and chooses the communities to which he wants to contribute
  4. The expert describes his expertise and his experiences

Either by searching through communities or by selecting an expert from the list of existing profiles.

By viewing his profile and sending him a message.  

After joining a Community, you will be able to identify and contact the expert of your choice.

Be  accurate in describing  your problem in order to allow the experts to provide appropriate help.

The expert has 72 hours upon receipt of your request to respond.

You will receive an  email  acknowledging receipt of your question by the Expert.

An answer will be answered within 72 hours. Once the response is communicated to the customer and read by him, a qualitative assessment is requested online.

Pour le client :

·         Share ideas, visions and operational experiences within a global dimension

·         See what is done elsewhere in the same or  different business areas to avoid pitfalls, calibrate and compare best practices

·         Solicit IT consulting expertise at your own pace and according to your choice

·         Solicit Experts on time

·         For greater flexibility regarding the purchasing process

·         Benefit from consulting expertise on 5 continents

·         The assurance of addressing top-level experts, labeled


For the Expert :


·         Share ideas, visions and operational experiences within a global dimension

·         Accompany customers to avoid pitfalls, evaluate risks, save time and offer contextualized solutions to customers based on operational feedback.

·         Discover know-how, new practices, compare points of view, acquire new skills...

·         Advice on time and projects

·         Simplified commercial pipe management

·         Increased referencing (SEO)

·         An insurance of being recognized as an expert/p>

·         A prospection at lower cost

If you have forgotten your password to access your member area, you can specify a new one by clicking on the link "Password forgotten" on the login form. 

You will receive an email with a one-time link for you to set your new password.

My Sherpa is a digital consulting service offer, based on an annual subscription entitling the community of experts to share information  and access to service requests based on estimates.

We take care to check the professional background and reputation of our experts.

Nevertheless we offer you the possibility to evaluate  the services of our experts.

So they will be rated by the customers after each service.