My Sherpa, ecosystem of value co-creation


Welcome, on the 1st innovative and disruptive platform deprived of advice on demand and chargeable by the hour.

The first private and confidential platform that offers to bring together highly qualified independents and companies, by providing companies with innovative solutions and by allowing self-employed people to develop their career path.

Discover high performance support, the foundation of the innovative experience we offer you.


Our mission is to help companies gain added value in their thinking and transformation through our community of highly qualified experts. We connect our customers and experts in the INNOPRAG ecosystem.

With My Sherpa leaders and field players exchange at will and learn to think both globally and locally. With My Sherpa, functional and operational confront their vision of a problem to be solved or a projected change. Together, they will cross strategic visions and operational experiences to produce an action plan. The Expert Community is open to all invited guests on the company's 360 ° expertise areas.


The co-creative ecosystem of value My Sherpa strives to bring together within the same space different actors and to make them interact with each other, it is here that the skills of some are put at the service of the needs of others . With each new community created, it is the synergy of talents and the collective intelligence that make the difference and make it possible to solve a problem.

With a focus on collaboration through inter-business exchange and knowledge sharing, the My Sherpa ecosystem provides elements to create the conditions for a relationship of trust and transparency.


This private area allows companies, through an annual subscription and a package of hours, to benefit from advice and missions carried out by qualified and independent experts, without time constraint (on time, day or week) , ...). Ambition of My Sherpa is to grow an ecosystem of excellence with a multitude of expertise in perpetual evolution.

Based on web 2.0 technologies, the platform offers robust, long-lasting, fast to implement, easy to use and sticking solutions closer to the needs of businesses to inter alia decompartmentalize the Purchasing function by increasing collaboration with suppliers.

The platform makes it possible to select very quickly the expert (s) most competent to accompany the client in his project. Thus guaranteeing the success of a project.

Kader Kébaïli and Siva Nadaradjane, founders of My Sherpa, have integrated a social and collaborative dimension into their platform.

A unique business model:

  • a proposition of unity of work which is the hour
  • a very rigorous selection of its experts
  • a confidential and completely private platform (not indexed on Google)
  • a collaborative platform in the image of its users

Why adopt My Sherpa?


My Sherpa allows you to take advantage of new forms of work to foster innovation.


The platform promotes an innovative and collaborative experience.


Each transaction is secured with Lemonway & Dun and Bradstreet. In accordance with the KYC and the RGPD, My Sherpa provides control processes to respect privacy and transparency in the use of data.


Qualified experts are selected by selective methods and each project is closely monitored by dedicated My Sherpa teams.


Today the notion of expertise is overused, yet it is necessary to take stock of this often used term.

On My Sherpa, they are called Sherpas or Sherpanis and only those with real expertise in their field (field intelligence, skills, experience of different situations, ...) coupled with a faculty to contextualize according to the problem encountered, are recognized as such.

These Sherpas or Sherpanis are thus able, once present in the company, to apply their knowledge while adapting it to the specific context of each organization.


The platform offers businesses online advice for each of their specific needs, starting from 1 hour of support.

The experts, co-opted and / or selected, intervene in areas of 360° (Big Data, data analysis, purchasing and logistics, social networks, ...) to answer complex questions.

In just a few clicks and exchanges, the company chooses the most competent expert s) to accompany it in its project.

Upstream and to motivate its choice, the project leader can access exclusive content (feedback, articles shared by experts and companies, ...).

It can also create its own community (private or public) multidisciplinary and bring together experts and collaborators on a given topic.

Collective intelligence from the platform allows the company to see its circuits of reflection and decisions reduced and optimized.

Finally, to ensure its position as a trusted third party and guarantee the quality of its service, the platform allows companies to evaluate experts at the end of their mission according to 3 axes: respect of deadlines, quality and need.

My Sherpa is driven by one will, profoundly altering how to obtain and market advice.

While the status of self-employed is increasingly popular among employees and companies, the platform anticipates this development by laying the groundwork for a win-win collaboration for the various players today.

The platform shares the conviction that co-creation will be freer with more mobile experts evolving according to the needs of companies.