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Icone Conseil

Discover a new way of doing consulting conceived in collective intelligence by the team My Sherpa.

Icone Conseil

Belong to a co-creative ecosystem of unique value. For whom the essence is summed up by: simplicity, flexibility, agility, speed and quality and respect for the human.

Icone Conseil

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“La force de My Sherpa, c'est son écosystème co-créatif.”

Our ambition is to reinvent management consulting and how to work experts. The model we build combines the freedom, agility and flexibility of independence and the different benefits of wage labor. From employee to freelance there is only one step.

That's why we partner with partners who share our vision and beliefs to enable our ecosystem to access exclusive and ethical benefits.

Our partners

Logo BPI

Member of the Bpifrance Excellence Network.

Bpifrance helps companies to see bigger and further. From start-up to stock market listing and equity credit, Bpifrance offers financing solutions adapted to each stage of your company's life.

Logo LiveMentor

LiveMentor is an online school for entrepreneur or freelance. We offer training in Digital Marketing, WordPress, Copywriting, Facebook, Instagram, E-commerce to allow each entrepreneur to develop their activity on the internet.

Logo LEC

Welcome to the first Online Accounting Firm:

  • Reactivity! On answering all your questions in a blazing time, it is promised!
  • Transparency! Our offer is fully understood! No bad surprises.
  • Without commitment! Our teams and tools, it is useless to retain our customers with a commitment.
  • Technology! Mobile apps and web interface, the account also has the right to a digital revolution.

The opinions of our customers are our best arguments: 4.9 / 5 on Google! You too, free yourself from your account.

Logo Simplis

Simplis is the first professional safety dedicated to self-entrepreneurs. Request a free professional liability quote from our insurance experts!

Logo Shine

Much more than a pro bank, Shine is the ideal financial and administrative co-driver to work with peace of mind. Shine brings together in one app all the services you need to manage your business with ease : Real-time notifications, activity tracking and admin reminders, vouchers associated with each expense…

Thanks to MY SHERPA, get an exclusive discount on Shine offers.


KLEVR helps consultants design, sell and perform exemplary assignments.Their clients accompany the General Managers who deal with or anticipate the challenges of the world of tomorrow.

  • Clarification of the positioning and formalization of service offers
  • Declination of methodological approaches and choice of tools / resources
  • Optimization of the levers of profitability of the projects + quality of the piloting

KLEVR develops the resources needed to help consultants shape, sell, and realize high value-added projects.

Logo Cautioneo

Cautioneo is the new generation guarantor, it facilitates your access to housing by boosting your rental file and allows you to save your security deposit.

How it works?
Cautioneo stands surety for you and provides all the security that homeowners need!

How do I request my warranty?
Register on Cautioneo, fill in your supporting documents and in less than 24 hours get your warranty agreement!

Logo Kickbanking

KickBanking is a service that brings serenity in the management of social organizations for all types of Freelancers: no more headaches with URSSAF!

Using a technological approach, KickBanking checks monthly that social organizations are not making mistakes. If a problem arises or on request, the steps to resolve it are fully taken care of. Finally, KickBanking automates declarations and payments.

Logo Startup CE

Startup CE is the first business committee dedicated to start-ups and independents to benefit from the advantages of a large company. More than a million offers at discounted rates throughout France.

Logo Wemind

Wemind is a community of freelancers who come together for great benefits.

Our mission
To offer the self-employed the same benefits as an employee in terms of mutual benefits, access to housing and much more.

Our particularity
Popularize access to information and build a real community of freelancers.

Logo WB

Women in Business is a Science Po student association, promoting female leadership in private sector.

Our mission
Promote female leadership in the private sector and encourage beginners.

Our actions
Workshop, Speed Networking, Insight Day, ... Out events allow to meet talented women, ready to share their stories and career tips.

Our network
Bring together a community of students and professionals, to facilitate the rise of women in the private sphere.