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Word of the week : Third Place

May 19, 2020

From now on, every week, My Sherpa chooses a word to put forward, because it's "in fashion", because it must be explained, and, above all, because it is echoed in our values and principles .

Today, focus on « Third place ».

Third place

Third places are already the world after the crisis.

Faced with the health crisis, third places are more than ever united and united in building together post-crisis society. Places of curiosity, extraordinary places, open places, green places, work places, living places, alternative places, places of events, places of creation, places of culture and agriculture, places of sharing, fashionable places, places of reception, places of residence, places of resistance, places of construction, places of parties, places of work, places of solidarity, places of conviviality, places of trade, places of exchange, places rehabilitated, recycled, rehabilitated, places whatever the third place, they share the same desire, enthusiasm and energy to change the world.

My Sherpa,

Future of Work

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