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Number of the week : 89%

May 6, 2020

This number is each week specially selected for you by My Sherpa Team. It reflects current events around the favorite themes of My Sherpa, such as societal changes, Future Of Work, innovation, collective and collaborative intelligence, ...

89 %

89% of freelancers have already been employed by at least one company.

90% of freelancers are chosen by choice. If a large majority (89%) have already been employed by at least one company before, after having tasted independence, 88% of freelancers do not wish to (re) become full time.

It's not so much the hours of work that cool them, but the salaried status since 8 out of 10 freelancers work full time for an average of 36 hours per week. The desire for independence as well as the power to freely manage one's professional life are the main motivations of freelance workers.

My Sherpa,

Future of Work

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