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Word of the week : Office

September 15, 2020

From now on, every week, My Sherpa chooses a word to put forward, because it's "in fashion", because it must be explained, and, above all, because it is echoed in our values and principles .

Today, focus on « Office ».

Despite the rise of teleworking, "the death of the office is long in coming." For the Italian architect Carlo Ratti, director of the research center at Senseable City Lab (MIT), teleworking alleviates the "weak ties" that feed innovation within companies. He pleads for the reinvention of the concept of office.

For those responsible for facilities and premises, it is important to rethink the configuration of furniture and equipment in order to comply with sanitary rules. Given the current need, so-called "agile" furniture promotes the desired reconfiguration of office spaces and allows the optimization of existing environments to accommodate the appropriate number of employees in complete safety.

“Really” ergonomic equipment such as monitor arms or converters from fixed desk to sit-stand position and to optimally adapt any workstation to the morphology and the desires of employees ; thus promoting well-being and collaboration between employees. These devices also provide organizations with an additional means of bringing employees back safely without sacrificing productivity. In addition, mobile workstations make it easy to organize remote social meetings in open spaces and more.

Investing in wall-mounted workstations can also help create additional workspaces without incurring major remodeling. Adjustable in height, they can be easily adjusted by each user to suit the way they work, and fold up when not in use, maximizing available space.

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