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Number of the week : 96%

July 10th, 2020

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96% of freelancers work in a tech profession.

A few years ago, it was hard to imagine that freelancing could correspond to a career choice. But today, more than ever, being a freelance is a choice.

This is even more true in tech careers since 96% of tech freelancers (developers, data scientists and system administrators) say they are freelancers by choice.

There are many reasons to be a freelancer, but they almost always correspond to an aspirational choice: to be more independent and to work better. The reasons for their choice are largely to be found in the benefits felt on a daily basis in their professional life. What they value the most,is to be able to decide their missions and their working conditions. What sociologists call agility, that is, the ability to act on one's life, as opposed to what structure imposes, is the main advantage felt by freelancers. The image of the precarious young freelancer, forced to start his own business "for lack of a better job" while waiting for a "real" job, has been brought under control. As well as that of the freelance working only two days a week, on a paradise beach.

My Sherpa,

Future of Work

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