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Number of the week : 53%

June 5th, 2020

This number is each week specially selected for you by My Sherpa Team. It reflects current events around the favorite themes of My Sherpa, such as societal changes, Future Of Work, innovation, collective and collaborative intelligence, ...


53% of freelancers share their working time between home and their clients.

Freelancers particularly appreciate being able to choose their place of work. Most often, they work in a combination of places (at home, at the customer and in third-party spaces). Few of them regularly use coworking spaces: 64% of freelancers never use it and 36% a few hours a week or more.

58% of them think that companies are more flexible than before in the working conditions granted to freelancers (possibility of teleworking, integration with internal teams ...). This is due to several factors: first, telework and the conditions for more independent work are also demanded (and obtained) by an increasing number of employees; second, digital tools have made collaborative work at a distance much easier; third, freelancers are now identified more as key resources than, in some cases, "seducing".

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Future of Work

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